Sweets of the 60’s

The swingin’ sixties…

The decade that brought us the hippies with the flower power, bell bottoms, all things flared and a love for, life, peace and happiness.

Rock n’ Roll was born! This gave the world a mixture of glam, psychedelic and political music the world had yet to have seen. Bringing with it some of the most influential artists still to this day. From The Beatles, The Stones to Hendrix and the Bee Gees, an era I could only dream about being part of.

Off the back of the 50’s, the post war years, the 60’s were a new start ‘The golden years’. So when the sugar rationing ceased in 1954, the sixties saw a boom in all things sweet!
Kids had the opportunity to spend money down at the local newsagent or sweet shop with their pocket money.  Those popular treats were brought, probably wrapped in a little white bag twisted at the top holding some flying saucers, dolly mixers, kola cubes, shrimps, Catherine wheels,  the list goes on and on and we still stock them all to this day!!
With 60’s parents growing up on ration tokens, I’m certain this was just as an exciting experience for the adults as well the children. a luxury that everybody loves and can enjoy.

After-all you can never go wrong with sweets!

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Katie Anne Erskine




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