Building your own sweet Santa sleigh!

Building your own sweet Santa sleigh? Here’s how…

Our hampers include everything you need to build your very own Santa sleigh!
We love being creative and want you to get involved!

Our Santa sleighs are super easy to build and make for the perfect Christmassy activity for children of all ages! 
 *May we suggest adding these to your Christmas eve boxes!*

Step 1 – Place you kit Kat face down, then put the two candy canes with hook face down on top,
one on each outer edge (this works best over the edge of a surface). Seal with your sticky tape. (You may need a lot for stability)

Step 2 flip your KitKat and canes face up (you should begin to see sleigh effect)
using your sticky pads attach your two Kinder chocolate bars in the centre of your KitKat.

Step 3 Place a sticky pad underneath your galaxy parcel and stick this on top of the kinder Chocolate.
(Leaving enough space for Santa!)

Step 4 Place sticky pad underneath your Freddo and place in the middle of your galaxy parcel
(in the same direction as the canes).

Step 5- Put sticky pad underneath your gold coins (on label) and place in the middle of your Freddo.

Step 6 Using your last sticky pad pop it o!n the bottom of your Santa and sit him on the end of the kinder chocolate bar

Step 7– Place your sleigh in the centre of your cellophane and pull both ends above the sleigh.
Bunch together and tie it tightly using your ribbon.

Step 8 – Tidy up the ends of your cellophane by folding over and sticking down with tape.

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Items included:

2 candy canes for sleigh base
1 KitKat
2 Kinder chocolate
1 Galaxy parcel
1 Freddo
1 Gold coins (to look like presents)
1 Chocolate Santa, (because the sleigh wouldn’t be much use without him!)
7x sticky pads
cellophane & ribbon

Extras you need
: sticky tape (for candy canes and cellophane)

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