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The Malawi project

We are proud to announce our connection with the Cardinal Wiseman Malawi trust (CWMT)!
In 2010 I had the privilege, of being chosen to go on a trip that opened my eyes and my heart to the children of Malawi.

Although my visit was almost 7 years ago, the experience lives with me every day!

I wanted nothing more than to learn how far the trust had come and to see if there was anything i could do help. I was delighted to learn that the project now supports 4 schools in Malawi this is a fantastic achievement from my former secondary school and a charity which is run by pupils as well as the teachers!

Bunda LEA primary school work.

The CWMT set up a feeding programme; through this programme, we were able to take the severely malnourished children and feed them. {The feeding programme is funded by money raised throughout the year and some wonderful sponsors}
Money raised through fundraising also allowed the CWMT to start up the Chicken project (giving the school a sustainable source of protein through the eggs)








Kasina health clininc

The CWMT also support Kasina health clinic {here they care for mothers and their babies suffering with malaria, malnutrition and so much more}.
At the age of 18, visiting this missionary clinic was heart breaking and made me realise how fortunate we truly are. It really shocked me, learning how little it actually cost to get the right treatment and how it was almost impossible for most people.  I felt such pride seeing what the money we had raised actually bought to help the health clinic for mothers and their children.








Your money can go further than you think!

During our visit to Malawi we took 40 children from the Bunda LEA primary school to a medical clinic. These children were the most in need who couldn’t afford a medical examination (these cost just £1.47!)  Think of what you could buy for less than £1.50, its quiet hard really.
As well as the medical examination these children are given two bars of soap to prevent ringworm and other illnesses and infections. Such a simple luxury that we take for granted every single day (its actually an expectation if we go out for food etc)

Can you help?

We are hoping you would be so kind to jump on board and help us support the Cardinal Wiseman Malawi trust. You will be able to see first-hand where your contribution is going! Whether you donate money, toys, clothes or supplies you will have the rare opportunity to actually see the sheer happiness and appreciation you generosity makes!

Can you donate?..

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Soap
  • Hand gel
  • Sanitary products

I could talk forever about this wonderful project!

Rather than going on, I will let you discover for yourselves the wonderful work the charity does, through the videos documented each year!

  • The short video from my 2010 trip.

If you want to see how far the programme has come over the years just Youtube – Cardinal Wiseman Malawi project!


Thank you reading, I hope it inspires you to help in any which way you can!


Images from my trip…

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