Sweets of the 70’s!

It seems to be the most popular decade for sweet lovers!


simply super sweets of the 70's

Our 70’s hampers are a massive hit filed with old fashioned sweets and I can understand why! Some of the best sweets came about in this disco era!

Simply super sweets of the 70’s

With all of the hysteria and hype of the 60’s the 1970’s are said to have been the “unsung decade”. It brought much change to the world! The 70’s  moved us on from the standard hard boiled sweet option and jelly babies to a revolution in sweets of the 70’s from the utterly delicious and super fun, fizzy jelly sweets, dip dabs, space dust and of course the WHAM BAR!!

It was in the age of the flared trouser, disco ball, punk music and roller skates that David Bowie emerged. He was a trailblazer of musical trends and pop fashion, as I’m sure most of us had learnt this year following his unfortunate passing! ABBA also surfaced in the 70’s (the source of all of my mum’s entertainment at a party!) What’s not to love about this decade?

The 70’s like the 60’s seemed to be a care free age; one in which the space hopper was invented, and Bagpuss created! The introduction of a colour TV allowed us to experience the phenomenon of Star Wars (1978) in all of its glory – one product of the 70’s which is still going strong other than the retro sweets!

90’s and 00’s kids this will blow your mind as it did mine, did you know…

Curly Wurly’s were only 3p.
Freddo’s were only 2p.
There was such thing as a half a penny (I’m told on a daily basis that you could get 4 fruit salads or blackjacks for ½ a penny)

I’m starting to feel a little hard done by!


I managed to find some images of some sweet wrappers around in the 70’s where the sweets are still around today!

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