The Christmassy candy cane blog!

Its Christmasss!



Well it is for us, we’ve been ready for Christmas since November 2nd and the days are flying by!
The tree is up, dressed with baubles, tinsel and a couple of decorative candy canes.


It wasn’t until recently I was asked the question “Why candy canes are Christmassy?” I was completely stumped and not able to give an answer, so I done some sweetie research and here goes…


It is widely believed that the Christmas candy cane originated in Germany; back in 1670. The story says, its creation came about by a choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral. It is said he gave out sugar canes (once straight) to children who attended the long Christmas nativities to keep them quiet! I’m sure many parents can relate to that!. To remind them of Christmas they were then moulded into an upside down ‘J’ shape to represent a shepherds crook.

There are a few versions of the origin of the Christmas candy cane, but this is my favourite! The others refer to it being made purely as a Christmas tree decoration, some go into more religious symbolic meanings, but all sources refer back to the German choirmaster!



Did you know…

+ Candy canes were not introduced to America until 1847


+ The striped candy cane was created in the 1900’s, but no-one knows why candy canes are now made with stripes.


+ Boughs of holly are used over Christmas as they are believed to have magical powers. Since they remained green through the harsh winter, they were often placed over the doors of homes to drive evil away.


+ Scandinavian’s associated Mistletoe with Frigga, their goddess of love. For those who kissed under the mistletoe had the promise of happiness and good luck in the following year


+ In 16th-century German fir trees were decorated, both indoors and out, with apples, roses, gilded candies, and colored paper. (A fir tree hung with apples was used to symbolize the Garden of Eden)


There’s a little festive information for you… Happy holidays 🙂

If you have any more festive or sweet facts, stories or traditions please share them with us!